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Homeowners often wonder what time of year they should think about protecting their homes from termites. There really is not set start and end date to termite season. If you make your home in a climate that is warm year-round, then you’ll most likely need to be thinking about termites all year long. For people that live in cooler climates termites slow down  bit – but only during the colder months from November through February.  But even then, they just slow down. Unfortunately, they don’t disappear.

Termites Need Shelter

Weather and climate impact termite infestations, but shelter also plays a big role. And termites can make their shelters just about anywhere – in your home, in wood piles near your house, and in the damp underground areas around your home.


Drywood Termite Shelter

Drywood termites that live in hot and dry climates Arizona make homes inside pieces of dry wood as well as parched tree limbs. This allows enough protection from the weather that they are able to stay active year-round.

Subterranean Termite Shelter

Subterranean termites can also survive cool, winter months. Because their colonies can exists and be built 18 inches below the ground they are able to stay warm and protected from cold air.

Though you might not see termites year round, the damage they cause can be inflicted all the time. It’s crucial that you  call a pest control professional immediately if you notice any signs of termite damage or termites.


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